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Open Systems Technologies
80% Technical Support
Ensure that all requests from users for assistance are handled promptly and effectively 24x7 (managed through on-call and standby arrangements). Is pro-active to ensure that users make effective use of the facilities available to them.
Demonstrates commitment and ingenuity in expert application of available facilities to non-standard situations, diagnosing underlying causes of difficulties, and devising solutions or workarounds to ensure that the effect on service is minimized.
For all requests that cannot be directly resolved, provides an effective interface at the highest level between users and service providers; ensures that priority setting and escalation procedures are applied effectively and that all complaints are responsibly and professionally resolved.
Regularly monitors the incidence, status and speed of resolution of enquiries and problems; is pro-active in devising improvements and recommending changes to systems, products or services.
Obtains diagnostic data to assist in the investigation and resolution of problems. Matches unresolved incidents against existing problems, known errors and other incidents. Ensures that incidents and problems in systems and services are fully documented within the configuration/change management & problem reporting system.
Classifies and prioritises unresolved incidents. Initiates and co-ordinates investigations to discover root causes, and progresses the implementation of remedial action. Ensures that investigations are fully documented, to facilitate the optimum implementation of remedies.
Ensures that existing problems and known errors in systems and services being brought into operation are understood and managed in the same way as those arising from operational incidents.
Ensures that agreed actions relating to problem investigation and clearance are taken within the allotted timescales.
Performs analysis of incidents and problems to show trends and potential problem areas, so that action can be taken to minimize the occurrence of incidents and to improve the process of problem reporting, analysis and clearance. Monitors plans and actions to investigate and resolve incidents and problems, including any suppliers and specialists involved, and contributes to problem management policy decisions
Configures the infrastructure environment to standards.
Produces test specifications as required by project/change implementation plans, conducts tests as defined in these specifications and records the details of any failures in a concise but complete manner.

20% Technical Leadership
Provides input into IT infrastructure sub-project plans and manage tasks to plan.
Management of tasks and responsibilities to ensure the efficient running of the Supported Services and Project delivery.
Direct and guide design less experienced technicians to ensure that infrastructure components are built and deployed in a consistent, simple and effective manner and that all infrastructure services comply with technical strategy and group policy.
Coach and develop the skills of other less experienced staff.

Basic Qualifications
4+ years of experience with implementation and management of infrastructure platforms or components that host specific business applications or services. Solaris and AIX
4+ years of experience planning and management of the interaction between two or more networking systems, computers or other "intelligent" devices. Examples: Ethernet, TCP/IP.
4+ years of experience with "System" software which controls activities such as input, output, dynamic resource allocation, and error reporting, within the operation of a computer configuration. Examples: AIX
4+ years of experience with ICT infrastructure (hardware, databases, operating systems, local area networks etc) used within own organization.

Preferred Qualifications
Aware of the history of platforms and can explain how it came to be as it is
Solid knowledge of all the major components in a vendor's solution
Competent in discussing the technology with vendor escalation support team
Deep understanding of the internal and external environment related to own IT department/function:
Can identify the specific functions and responsibilities and key customers and relationships of own IT department/function
Familiar with the details of at least one business cluster:
Experience of liaising with peers in business
Has a working knowledge in one or more of the main development phases:
Familiar with the syntax, structure, features and facilities of at least one language
Understands how service delivery applies to own technical function:
Has experience in writing an SLA or a capacity plan and understands how to measure service delivery with metrics and targets
Guides the development of service support concepts and defines/drives the attainment of service support targets:
Implements quality checks for the change, configuration and release processes
Has a working knowledge of the key issues in implementing security systems:
Experiences with tools and techniques for building audit and control into an application
Can describe local hardware, software and telecommunications components
Familiar with existing interfaces as well as integration and migration plans within own area
Experienced with the software licensing process and with standards and practices used within the organisation
Knows what should be communicated, when, and to whom; knows who could help make a good decision; experienced at implementing or managing risk management processes and tools; actively seeks ways to understand, mitigate or reduce risks, drawing on expert advice, risk assessment, and management reports;
Has estimated, planned and organised own tasks using task management tools and in collaboration with Project or Delivery management teams;
Has documented and analysed alternative IT and operational solutions, risks and benefits, and obtained decision on resolution
Demonstrates initiative and competence; supports and encourages positive working behaviours in others;
Understands different project methodologies, project lifecycles, major phases, dependencies and milestones within a project, and the required documentation needs;
Understand own learning style; learns from mistakes or successes for future planning and development; Familiar with journals and material relevant to specialty and industry;
Has coached one or more people on a specific skill or subject-area; determines individual and team skill requirements and development needs - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist